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Medicus Financial is a specialist advisory firm, providing personalised, high quality tax, business consulting and financial services to the medical profession.

This is what we do - nothing else.

Tax and Business consulting for doctors
Specialist financial services for doctors

Tax and Business Services for Doctors

A client once thanked me for providing 'independent, frank and fearless advice'. That summarises what Medicus Financial is about. We'll tell you what you need to know, not what you would like to hear.

This applies to tax planning as well as all matters regarding business services for doctors: whilst in the end the decision is yours, we'll provide you with the benefit of almost two decades of specialist experience dealing with the medical profession, as well as our technical expertise.

SMSF: Self Managed Super Funds for Doctors

More than 18 years experience in Self Managed Super Funds for doctors has given us a deep understanding of the 'why and how' of SMSF for the medical profession. We know what works - and what doesn't.

An SMSF can be good or not so good, there is never a standard solution. You can be assured that we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Even if you believe it is good for you, if we have reasons to doubt this, we will tell you. After that it is up to you to decide. Your interests come first.

Once you have decided this is the way to go, or if you already have an SMSF, our specialist expertise will help you to make the most of it.

Property Investments and Practice Valuations for Doctors

Medicus Financial has specific expertise in property investments and small scale property developments by doctors and has the benefit of a range of contacts in the property industry to help our clients. To avoid any misunderstandings: we are not nor do we deal with property spruikers! 'frank, independent and fearless advice' applies to all our dealings with clients.

Medical Practice valuations is another specialist area of expertise. We can provide valuations, not only to clients, but to clients of other accountants, who may not be specialised in this area, and to solicitors. Where required (e.g. in legal proceedings) our valuations are prepared to meet APES 225 standards.

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