Property and Practice Valuations

For Medical Professionals

For many doctors investing in real estate is part of their overall wealth creation strategy and often begins (apart from their own home) with buying their rooms.

Doctors and Property

We have extensive experience with real estate investment - both personally and through our clients over decades of advice.

Apart from a home and rooms, for some doctors, it extends to further property investments in either residential or commercial real estate and others get into sub-divisions and small scale property developments.

We have assisted countless doctors with their property investments, advised on margin schemes and Capital Gains Tax (and in particular how to reduce it). We advise on finding the best structure (trust, company, SMSF, or combinations) for each individual and on the tax consequences.

Through our contacts with architects and senior strata management, coupled with our specific experience we can help doctors establish what type of property investment would be most suitable for their specific circumstances - and of course how to avoid very, very costly mistakes.

For other medical professionals, we have acted as sounding boards before they made their decisions.

Whatever aspect applies to your circumstances: Medicus Financial can provide you with meaningful assistance for both the development and implementation of a sound property strategy.

Medical Practice Valuations

Our experience in valuing medical practices extends over 18 years and covers large medical centres, GP practices of varying sizes, as well as many specialist practices.

A valuation can be required for a multitude of reasons: practice purchase, litigation, divorce settlement, practice sale, part-purchase/part-sale, partner split up.

Medicus Financial can provide a range of valuations, from valuations that are fully APES 225 compliant (in particular relevant where litigation is likely or possible), to more basic valuations, where a client has less comprehensive requirements.

This specialist service is also available in collaboration with lawyers and other accountants who may have clients who require this service, either as a standalone service or as a second opinion.

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