Tax and Business

For Medical Professionals

Steering you safely through the cold and choppy seas of taxation law....

First, the principles:

You are in control

We will provide you with all the information you need to understand your compliance obligations as well as proposed tax and business planning. What we will NOT do is smother you with gobbledegook, so you leave more confused than when you arrived. We are very conscious of the fact that most doctors are not particularly enthralled by accounting and tax details. You have other things to do, which is why you hire us. It is our obligation to clarify, more than once if necessary, and that is what we'll do. It is perfectly normal to receive a phone call from a doctor like this: "I understood your explanation about XYZ at the time, but I am not so sure anymore....can you explain again?"

Grey areas and red areas

Tax planning is partially straightforward (from a legal perspective), but sometimes the law isn't clear. We will always ensure you, as a medical professional, know if a proposed plan of action is within a grey area, and we'll discuss with you what can be done.

We will not go into red areas, devise illegal schemes or participate in tax fraud.

Secondly, which services?

Medicus Financial provides all tax and business services an accounting firm is supposed to provide: tax returns, BAS lodgement, establishment of trusts and companies, advice on business structures, advice on practice establishment, buy-in, sale of practice, and so on, but specifically and solely aimed at the medical profession.

For detailed financial planning advice we can refer you to a suitable financial advisor, who will work in conjunction with Medicus Financial to provide you tailor-made solutions.

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